• SEP 3

    Live Long & Prosper- Experiencing the life you are meant to have.

    Stop and think about the kind of person you are. Do you really know yourself? What makes you happy and what makes you stressed out. There are so many factors that we create for ourselves that contribute to how we live our lives. The attainability of wealth is something that drives the general population, but it is amazing how many people will forego years of happiness for the idea of a couple of post retirement years of bliss.

    It was once read that most people don’t necessarily have to have the millions, instead of being able to experience what the millions can buy. We live in a world where the norm is for us to try to live the best we can below our means so that we get to the point where we have exhausted the last bit of energy we had to on mundane jobs in order to finally live off of the retirement fund that we have carefully built upon for decades. Decades of working hours satisfying someone else’s dream instead of attempting to build your own. When the question is prosed, “Do you know yourself?” one is simply asking what is all the fuss about? The most important thing when it comes to a personal brand is understanding your unique strengths and capitalizing on that, whether its' rewards are quantitative or qualitative. We as people see the end goals: that new house, new car, an abundant amount of money in the bank account but when it comes to really understanding how to reach that goal, the mark is missed time and time again. Ownership has been such the common adhesive when it comes to the themes of our lives but the input vs output has to balance itself out. There are many who strive for the 6 figure positions that, in turn, disable their position to actually enjoy the fruits of the labor they've provided. It's the idea of what wealth should be.

    Being the boss vs. being the owner.

    There are several bosses and even more boss mentalities that run themselves into an early grave because they have not efficiently mastered the value of time. Everyone is not meant to be an owner, but the vast majority of our prideful population will not allow the masses to admit that. Think about the time when you took up a trade. Your newly found capabilities felt unmatched and you invested hours into perfecting that craft, at least until you mastered it or grew tired of its' lack of reward and moved on. Nevertheless, new ideas and skills are exciting and the fact of the matter is, you’re always going to know more than someone. The key is to capitalize on the key things you are able to offer that will make a difference, whether it be in your bank account or changing someone’s life for the better. Both scenarios combined would be ideal.

    The key is to understand how your time & skill correlate. When you get to that point, the light bulb will go off and you will realize that your life is already happening. Right now. You don't have to wait until the final hour to truly live. Remember that happiness is always the better choice and yOUR Best Brand is YOU .

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  • AUG 15

    Stay in Your Lane. Stay Mundane.

    There are many factors that drive us as humans. Whether it is fear, encouragement, financial gain, emotional reward, etc, there is something that pushes us to go that extra mile. The only problem is, a lot of the factors that drive us to go that extra mile aren't strong enough to push us into another lane in its entirety. We keep pressing forward; not looking back or to the right or left for fear that we will get off course, out of our comfort zones and wreck our lives.

    "Insanity is…" Well we all know what it is. We invalidate our own strengths by inching over or slowing down but the cautionary tale only ends grave. Life is thrown at us full speed & we have to keep up. Know more so that you can do more. Self education is a gift and the resources that we have been afforded have allowed many of us to advance beyond our means, take more risks, make even more mistakes but learn from them.

    None of us were born in our comfort zones. It was shaped and molded and slapped with a title. So why be mundane? Why settle as the standard quo? How much more exciting will life be if the new lane we created for ourselves created a domino effect of progression. What if your mistake led to an amazing innovative idea that changed the world? You will never know if you simply settle for pressing ahead.

    Make a commitment to yourself to be new, exciting & memorable. You should be constantly evolving so that you can no longer just fit into one category. Be great. Truly live & remember Our Best BRAND is YOU.

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  • JULY 15

    It's time for change.

    Fear,apprehensiveness & contentment are all a part of the mixed emotions that consume some of us daily. We work within our comfort zones hoping that the reward will be instant happiness. Comfort & contentment are often interchangeable terms because, to reach that true happiness, where we aren't second guessing each and every temporary life enhancement,we must stretch ourselves beyond the realm of that contentment. We've been surrounded by the polished viewing of many people's elite circumstances, we somehow forget the hard work and risk that go hand in hand to make it complete.

    Listing the things that will make our lives more rewarding is such an easy task but we know that actions are what truly matter. Everyone is so quick to say that life is to short but most spend their time waiting. Who will you be tomorrow if you've done nothing to progress today? Stagnation leads to defeat because the true winners are constantly moving forward.

    How far are you willing to stretch beyond the uncomfortableness? Who will you reach if you refuse to expand yourself physically and mentally?

    What positive impact will you leave with each step you take?

    Remember.. Our Best BRAND is YOU...

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  • JUNE 15

    The Plunge

    Lungs vastly constricted…you want to reach the place where the constant beat of your heart resides but you fail . Your breath struggles to escape out of your body, but the pressure is too forceful to allow you the easiness of the ejection. With your eyes closed and fists clenched tight, your sheer whim has been overturned by your overwhelming hesitation.

    A nauseous feeling embodies you so heavily that the very pit of your stomach seems to have stunned you from within. When will it end? How will it end? You can't bear the xenophobic feeling any longer, yet you continue to plunge. The further you go, the only thing you have time to do is think. Yet, Your process cannot grasp the translucent imagery that surrounds you because time seems to be moving faster than the speed of light.

    You've reached the end. You try to open your eyes to embrace what you feared awaiting you because you finally mustered up the courage to face what you realize wasn't so bad at all…However… you cannot open your eyes to face anything because you allowed everything to pass you by and in doing so, you missed out on truly living. It's too late. There is no looking back. There is no waking up. There is no more fear because ITS OVER.

    You see, your diving headfirst into this thing called life did not come equip with a warning manual or a note of expectations. It's just something you we're born to do. We often are so quick to dispell other's blinded fears by throwing out the quote that "Life is too short." Yet, how many of us are truly living? The mundane are not living. The average are not living. They are merely coexisting with one another…just getting by. Fear has trampled and paralyzed them to the point that their end will be their beginning.

    Most people want to try their hand at that promotion, start a new path on the road to success but the manual we have somehow created for our lives has restricted us so much that our true purpose has become a distant memory… of another person's past life. That's quite unfortunate. To have these amazing visions of change and a purpose in life that you are too afraid to act on. Seriously…what are you waiting on? Do you feel as if you will get a second chance at life if you immobilize yourself this time around? We all know the answer to these questions.

    However, it's amazing how many know this to be true or logical or right and yet we still go against it. I guess I'll call it human nature. An innate act of defiance. These things often make me inquire about the blatant negative risks we all take on our lives that don't incur one benefit. How come we are so willing to plunge head first into things that will be the end of us instead of taking that same energy and inputting it into the things that will make this lifetime a full journey. Spreading fear will not only inhibit you but those around you. Throw the manual away and forget about the cautionary tales. If there was one magic rule to comply to, then one's success would not be another's failure.

    At the end of the day…you can only live for you. So live past your circumstances. Live past your pain and fear. Live past the roadblocks that are deemed to be detrimental occurrences, only bringing you down if you allow them to do so. Open your eyes & Breath. Feel every pain & grow from them. Become strong enough and patient enough to endure each second with the utmost care because we only get one shot at this. Don't allow it to be over without giving it your very all.

    "You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith. "

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